Friday, 9 March 2012


Intimacy - Hanif Kureishi

Thoughts and Opinions
This book is well... interesting i suppose. I'm not entirely sure what to think of it apart from it's complete unnecessary use of truly awful language at times that really doesn't add to the integrity of the book. It's safe to say thats its a characer development book and you get to see into the life of a rather synical man who can be really hard to like. I would suggest to read it, just out of curiosity and if you fancy a light book and have nothing in line, it's only small and took me two days to read.

Basic Plot
A man wants to leave his wife. That is all you need to know really, the book is his thoughts on the subject and the reasons why he is doing it. As well as reasons why he doesn't want to do it. As well as other, sometimes quite vulgar thoughts on his other relationships.

I think that many people would like this kind of character development book where nothing really happens but you get a real insight into one person. These books can be interesting and to be fair this one isn't uninteresting but it's not my cup of tea shall we say? If you have time give it a read but it does have harsh language at times so if you are easily offended  i would avoid it.

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