Saturday, 4 February 2012

Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist - Charles Dickens

Thoughts and Opinions
This book is a classic and i would recommend a read. Most of you will have seen the play/musical/film or all three. The majority of the films are a very good likeness to the book so you already have a feel for the events and characters before you start reading.

This book always has something going on throughout, the way Dickens gives you an insight to all the various characters and their actions is quite clever. You will learn about Oliver's actions in one chapter and then learn about Sykes actions in another chapter seemingly during the same time frame so the reader is always up to date.

The continuity flows very well, you don't get lost in the time line and wonder what happened where and if you missed it.

However this book is filled with 'coincidences' and 'fate' plays a major role through out. Which you do occasionally think (if you're a cynical person) what are the chances of that happening? Without these things the book wouldn't flow the way it does and come to a dead end so you can come to appreciate these things.

Give this book a read, you can overlook the amount of coincidences throughout and appreciate the adventure one young boy takes to avoid the life of crime. This is a classic and i'm sure the majority of you will like if not love this book.


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