Monday, 30 January 2012

Mystery Man

Mystery Man, Murder Mayhem and Damn Sexy Trousers - Colin Bateman.

Thoughts and Opinions
I HIGHLY recommend this book and the series of books by Colin Bateman. They are from the point of view of a rather strange, cynical, hypochondriac. This makes the book very funny indeed, i used to read these books while work was quiet (i worked in a pub and when it was quiet there would be, at times, no customers).

I literally laughed out loud at certain parts and found myself gasping in shock at some cases within book. Or Simply gasping at cringe worthy events.

Basically a struggling bookshop owner starts to take on detective work as people turn to him when the private eye next door closes down. You get to see his every idea and thought on people and circumstances which you can relate to.

Read it! This book is the first in the series and there are quite a few that follows, the ones i have read such as Dr Yes. and the Day of the Jack Russell, i have found just as funny as the first. Bateman never fails to deliver with these books. Find one, read it, love it.


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